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Want the flexibility of ordering when you want, without automatic delivery? Just looking for the best prices on oil, without contracts?



No unexpected bills, hidden fees or contracts


Typically same day service, max 48 hours


Not interested in contracts? Long term commitments?

C.O.D. Oil Delivery is for you! Whether you need 100 gallons, 300 gallons or more, we are here for you. Find today’s low price for the quantity you need. If you need less than you order, we will credit you the difference!


On behalf of my mother and myself, we wish to thank you for your outstanding customer service… We are very happy with how you handled our account. Thank you once again.

Glenda S., Hauppauge NY

Good morning, I just wanted to reach out again. I just received my first delivery from you guys, the delivery man was named Charlie, he was so pleasant, friendly and informative. I honestly never do things like this but I just couldn’t let it go unnoticed. I haven’t received such great customer service with a company in the longest time!

Jessica M., Levittown

I am writing to you because of the excellent service we received from two of your employees. We are new customers… and we look forward to years of service with you.

Robert D., Huntington

Cash on Delivery (COD) Oil Delivery on Long Island

We are a full-service heating oil delivery and repair company that’s been operating in the Long Island area for over 30 years, keeping families just like yours warm in the winter. We offer reliable cash on delivery (COD) oil that’s both convenient and affordable. Don’t miss out on the savings. Learn more about COD Oil today.

What is COD Heating Oil Delivery?

Cash on delivery (COD) heating oil is a system where customers can order the amount of oil that they need, and have it delivered to their home during a specified period of time.

COD oil also known as discount fuel on Long Island is much more flexible and affordable in comparison to entering into a season-long contract with a heating oil company, and the quality of oil is exactly the same or better than contract suppliers. These contracts generally lock a customer in at a fixed price for oil for the entirety of the season, and the supplier ensures that the customer will never run out of oil. Sometimes, these contracts will also include a tune-up of the heating system itself.

The benefit of a season-long contract for the consumer is never having to worry about running out of oil, since it’s the supplier’s responsibility to keep track of the fuel usage. However, the biggest trade-off in an oil-contract is the price.

When you choose COD heating oil, you will save up to 50 to 80 cents per gallon, which equates to $50-$80 in savings for every 100 gallons, each time you fill up your oil tank. These savings can quickly add up. In addition to the savings, consumers who choose COD heating oil are free to use any local COD oil company. They have the flexibility to choose a supplier that’s offering the lowest prices or the fastest delivery. With contracts, you may be stuck with a supplier that is unreliable or provides poor quality oil. COD heating oil is the perfect choice for cost-conscious consumers who value flexibility.

How are COD oil prices determined?

COD oil prices are driven by the current market rate for heating oil and vary depending on your region and the time of year. One major benefit of choosing COD oil is that dips in the market rate for oil are passed along to the consumers, meaning you can order when the rate is at its lowest. COD oil prices are generally determined by the following factors:

  • Demand: Demand for oil will be at the highest in the winter months, since this is when most of us use the majority of our home heating oil. So, choosing to fill up your tank strategically, before the cold season, could lead to some hefty savings.
  • Cost of Crude Oil: Crude oil is the main component of home heating oil, which means if the price of crude oil goes up, you will see a similar increase in the cost of home heating oil. Crude oil prices depend on many factors, including the weather, the economy, and political events.
  • Number of Suppliers: The more suppliers of COD heating oil that exist in a region, the cheaper the oil will be, since competition drives prices down. Regions with only a few suppliers will generally have higher COD oil prices.

The best part of COD oil is that you, the consumer, can benefit from fluctuations in the price of home heating oil. The drop in price in home heating oil will mean extra savings for you.

 Why is COD oil a better deal than a contract?

As we’ve mentioned, C.O.D. oil is exactly the same as regular home heating oil. There’s no difference in quality and absolutely nothing cheap about it—other than the price. COD oil is the preferred method of oil delivery for many families because of the affordability and convenience.

Season-long home heating oil contracts may appear enticing since they take on the responsibility of ensuring you never run out of oil and because many companies throw in a tune-up with the contract. However, what these suppliers won’t tell you is that sometimes inaccurate measurements of your tank or estimations of your heating usage can lead to a suddenly empty tank, which leaves you in a bind. These companies will not cover damages from these events. In addition, these home heating oil contracts often come with significant cancellation fees and penalties, meaning if you discover the service is unreliable or the quality of oil is poor, you can’t easily change suppliers. Lastly, the value of a tune-up is generally less than what you’d save by going with COD oil.

COD oil is by far the cheapest and most flexible option. You can choose from many different suppliers in the region, and you can purchase exactly how much oil you want when it is most convenient for you. There are no contracts or commitments, and you often receive the oil delivery same-day or the next day.